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Historical Novel Society published review of The Great Game

The Historical Novel Society (HNR) has been around since 1997, and published over 17,000 reviews of the historical fiction titles. In its latest HNR Magazine Issue 93 (August 2020) they reviewed our book, The Great Game.

They note: “The editor’s foreword describes the book as “a historical novel—with the emphasis being on ‘historical.’” I agree. History is its strength. This fascinating account features international competition, espionage, sabotage, and the rise of the Bolsheviks and the Russian Revolution.”

The HNR reviewer underscored the exhaustive historical research the book required, and how anyone loving history would have appreciated this: “In his unabashed homage to the Nobels, the late scholar Togrul Bagirov provided intriguing setting, action, and historical references. So, yes, the historian put the emphasis of his historical novel on historical.”

Link to the full review by the HNR

We thank HNR for their review, and think that the impressive story, its pertinent facts, and all that research that went into sharing this history is what’s important for majority of the readers of historical novels.

The Great Game : The First Oil War

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